Bamboo saps

Night regenerating biocleaner

Spectacular biologist with more than 100 active ingredients, extracted from plants, fruits and berries. Cleanses, tones and purifies resulting in intense remineralizing nutrition. Leave it on overnight and combine it with your face cream to benefit from its properties. Cellular regeneration to rejuvenate your skin. Discover its aroma, warm, deep, soft, with wooden fragrances.

Skin type: all, especially oily-prone skin
Benefits: makeup remover, remineralizing, and pore refining
Key ingredient: myrtle
Scent: woody


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We recommend shaking the product before use. Pour a few drops into a cotton disc and apply gently over the face, including the eye contour, neck and neckline, performing spiral movements.

Avoid pressing or rubbing skin to avoid irritations and peeling. Do not remove the product after application so that it can complete its nutritional action. If you use it to remove makeup, repeat a second application. Preferably, use it at night in a relaxed way for a deep and daily cleaning.

  • Oily or spotty skin: you can also use it in the morning.

  • Tightness or dry skin: mix a few drops with our revitalizing oil.

Do not withdraw after application.

Myrtle, Hawthorn and Mallow extracts: soothing and decongestant.

Rose and Iris extract: with regenerating and softening properties.

Strawberry and Violet extract: purifying and anti-stain.

Extracts of buds and bamboo marrow: stimulating the drainage of toxins and impurities from the skin.

Mucilage extract: that enhances skin tone and smoothness.

Essential amino acids: B vitamins, trace elements, and mineral salts, indispensable for the cellular regeneration process and its restorative action.

Natural essential oils: balms for the skin, in which stands out its decongestant action.



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