Bamboo vegetal peel

Natural exfoliating rejuvenator

Our vegetable peel renews and regenerates, releasing dead cells and excess keratin accumulated in the epidermis. Ideal for facial and body treatments, it rejuvenates the skin with a tightening effect, unifies the tone and refines the pores. Especially suitable for cuperosis, spots, wrinkles and acne marks. The unique combination of Acacia, Rhassoul, Iris Germanica, Bamboo resin and other ingredients enriches our product to show a softer, fresh, rejuvenated and luminous skin.

Skin type: all, including sensitive skin
Benefits: regenerating, draining, and purifying
Key ingredient: acacia resin


25 g.

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Acacia senegal gum extract , Iris germanica root , Kaolin , Moroccan lava clay , Rosmarinus officinalis leaf powder , Bambusa arundinacea stem powder , Dypterix odorata seed extract

Mix a suitable amount with water until a semi-liquid and slightly gelled paste. Gently apply the mixture with the fingertips, performing a delicate massage. Keep a small bowl of water nearby to moisten the mixture during application.

  • Face, neck and neckline: mix 1.5 g micronized with 1.5 ml of water or floral water.

  • Body: 10 g micronized blend with 10 ml of water or floral water for a complete body scrub.

We recommend the use of floral water or virgin Bamboo milk as a water substitute to enhance your results.

Acacia resin: helps in your repair and regeneration process.

Rhassoul: cleansing clay and excellent natural cosmetic to remove impurities from the skin.

Iris root: refreshing, delicate perfume. Its content in essential oil favors the unification of skin tone and contributes to skin repair.

Rosemary: draining and purifying causes a détox effect. Ideal in the care of sensitive skin that reddens easily.

Bamboo: authentic nutri-cosmetic.

Tonka: relaxing with hints of vanilla and jasmine, also evokes aromas of cloves and cinnamon.



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