Oleo-active haircare

Revitalise your hair

This exceptional vegetable oil has been designed to protect and minimize damage caused by external aggressions, such as dyes, bleaching, molding and sun exposure. Helps strengthen the cuticle and provides extraordinary shine and volume to the hair, as well as relieving tension and capillary disorders. Formulated with coconut and hazelnut, excellent protectors and hair recoverers.

Hair type: all
Benefits: moisturizes, strengthens, and protects
Key ingredient: coconut oil
Scent: sweet


60 ml.

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Cocos nucifera oil , Corylus avellana seed oil , Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract and Helianthus annuus seed oil , Salvia officinalis leaf extract , Parfum , Limonene* , Benzyl benzoate* , Linalool* , Geraniol* (*) from its natural essential oils.

Shake before use. Apply a small amount to the scalp and damp hair, massaging gently. Let it act for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse. The dosage varies according to the type of hair and the season of the year, applying more to dry hair and during the summer.

  • Curly, frizzy and thick hair: apply a small amount after washing and distribute it through wet hair.

  • Dry, gray or damaged hair: mix a tablespoon of oleo-active haircare  with Phyto-active Shampoo before washing to provide shine and strength.

  • For hair disorders: apply a small amount to the affected areas before washing and leave it on for 10 minutes.

  • In dyes and chemical treatments: add 2 ml of oil to protect and improve the softness and shine of the hair.

Coconut and Hazelnut Oil: excellent protectors, harsh hair recuperators and sebum regulators.

Sage and Rosemary extracts: which improve the nutrition of the anagen phase of the hair, strengthen the cuticle, relieve tensions, mitigate itching and slow dandruff.

Aromatherapy oils: which also improve hair flora, where YlangYlang stands out that promotes growth and strengthens hair.



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