Dermo-soothing micronized

100% natural

Purifies, calms, soothes and softens the epidermis, while refreshing and relaxing the skin, favoring its regeneration. It offers a silky finish and an exquisite aroma.

Specially created to remove and soothe redness.

This product has been subjected to rigorous Use Test and Anti-redness Efficacy under dermatological supervision, demonstrating excellent skin tolerance and a statistically significant anti-redness effect after 28 days of use.

Skin type: all, including sensitive skin
Benefits: soothing, regenerating, and softening
Key ingredient: calendula


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50 g.

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Oryza sativa starch , Kaolin , Calendula officinalis flower extract , Melissa officinalis leaf extract , Bambusa arundinacea stem extract , Phyllostachys viridis , Parfum , Citronellol* , Geraniol* , Linalool* , Citral* (*)from its natural essential oils

Use this product preferably before bedtime.

For its application, sprinkle gently on the area to be treated and extend with your fingers, making soft touches to promote its penetration into the skin. If the area to be treated is not suitable for sprinkling, such as the face, pour a small amount of micronized into a clean container or palm and apply with gentle touches.

It is also indicated to shade the skin after applying complex color cream if the skin has a tendency to fat.

Remember that this product is natural and should be kept at room temperature, not exceeding 30°C.

Rice starch: hypoallergenic, powerful soothing and softening.

Kaolin: stands out for its absorbing powers, toxin purifier and soothing. Refreshes and regenerates the skin.

Calendula: ideal for delicate skin, enhances soothing properties.

Melissa: its assets drain and purify pores (rosmarinic acid) and provides chlorophyll with repairing effects.

Bamboo: stimulates the drainage of impurities from the skin and provides trace elements, among which silicon stands out, which strengthens and gives elasticity to tissues.

The essential oils: that give aroma to this product are indicated for the care of reactive skin. They have an emollient, soothing and protective action, in addition to maintaining the balance of the flora of the epidermis.



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