Bamboo virginal milk

Morning fruit juice for your skin

This natural serum is a balsamic tonic that provides deep cleansing, nourishment, relaxation, purification, and oxygenation to the skin. It enhances its resilience and adaptability while supplying generous vitamins for a radiant complexion. Ideal to kickstart the day or when the skin feels fatigued from long hours under artificial light, exposure to computers, or travel. Especially recommended for sensitive, tired, irritated, dehydrated, tense, prone to couperose, and swollen bags and eyelids. Enjoy its floral aroma, exotic resins, and vanilla, along with its refreshing texture of vegetable milk.

Skin type: all, especially thin and sensitive skin
Benefits: soothing, toning, and refreshing
Key ingredient: benzoin
Scent: floral

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Aqua, Phyllostachys viridis, Bambusa arundinacea stem extract , Styrax benzoin resin extract , Myroxylon balsamum balsam extract , Centaurea cyanus flower extract , Dipteryx odorata bean extract , Viola odorata flower/leaf extract , Parfum , Limonene* (*)from its natural essential oils

It is important to always shake this product. It has multiple applications:

  • In the morning: used in a cotton disc to perform soft spiral movements or light touches, avoiding pressing or rubbing the skin.

  • Tired, tense or exposed to temperature changes: Spray the product at any time of the day.

  • Reduce swelling of the eyelids: impregnate a cotton disc with the product and let it rest on them for about 10 minutes.

  • Daily grooming of babies: after grooming directly apply the bamboo virgin milk with your hands or sprayed.

  • Eye contour: mix the bamboo virgin milk with our revitalizing oil and apply on the face achieving a hyper-moisturizing result.

Benjuí extracts: with balsamic and anti-infectious properties.

Aciano: with antiseptic properties, softening, soothing.

Violet: great purifying and softening effect that helps maintain the complexion even.

Bamboo buds and marrow: that provide amino acids (proteins), vitamins and trace elements, such as silicon, which strengthens tissues and gives them flexibility.

Natural essential oils: selected towards calm, softness and harmony.



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