Phyto-active Shampoo

Bio-cleanser for daily use

Our shampoo for daily use has a soft and fluid texture of plant extracts and natural essential oils, contains the elements necessary for the life of the hair and the regulation of its cycles. Cares, protects, nourishes and remineralizes your hair providing volume and preventing its fall.

Hair type: all, especially oily
Benefits: strengthening, protective, and cleansing
Key ingredient: jojoba oil
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250 ml.

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It is important to always shake this product before use.

Apply directly to the scalp and spread over wet hair, using your fingers (in case of short or fragile hair, you can apply it dry).

Leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse lightly. Make a second application with soft and slow massages. Avoid rubbing quickly, as it can cause irritation to the scalp. Rinse with warm water.

*This shampoo produces little foam, but that does not affect its effectiveness. Remember that foam is obtained with detergents that remove natural oils from the hair and scalp. Ideal for daily use.

In dry hair, gray, severely damaged or that have lost shine, we will prepare, for washing, a mixture, including in a container of phyto-active shampoo the equivalent of a spoon of oil-active hair. This blend protects the scalp and hair, providing incredible shine, softness and strength.

Extracts of Capuchin and Parsley: strengthening properties of hair, mineralizing and stimulating activity of the hair bulb.

Jojoba oil: fat regulator.

Sage: tonic cleaner.

Cornflower: softener, reinforce the characteristics of this product.

Enhanced with extracts of buds and bamb marrow: which provide amino acids (proteins), vitamins and trace elements such as silicon that strengthens the hair structure and gives flexibility.



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