She gazed out through the large window of the venue, lost in her own thoughts, while a multitude of notes filled the air. There were conspiratorial smiles, profound conversations, and the clinking of glasses...
Suddenly, without warning, three wooden percussions broke the spell she was under. The double bass took centre stage, followed by the saxophone in the melody, accompanied by a raspy yet gentle voice.

The room fell silent, ensnared in the enchantment as the piano breathed life into the melody. Her attentive gaze, filled with contentment, shifted back to her companion without losing focus on the performance. He revelled in the moment, the music, and the stimulating aromas emanating from the live kitchen.

A soft curtain of steam wafted from behind the jazz singer as the chef tossed his ingredients onto the griddle, enveloping the moment in mystery and desire.
Ginger, cinnamon, star anise; familiar scents mingled with others that were more intriguing, impossible to identify yet unforgettable. New and intense memories were forged, all concealed within the soft glow that surrounded them...

He observed her, savouring both the cocktail and her presence. She casually rose from her seat, exuding a fresh and vibrant air of completeness. He smiled.
Fully captivated, he followed her gaze, just as enthralled and eclipsed as the first time he laid eyes on her. Meanwhile, she walked away, her silhouette gradually fading into the subtle ambiance of the venue.

Descending the stairs, she felt herself immerse into another world. A green world.

Watercolour murals adorned the walls, depicting remote places, exotic animals, and palm trees with immense and perfect leaves. The lush vegetation was reflected in countless mirrors, lending depth and spaciousness to the space.

Amidst the abundant foliage, a drawing stood out—a lady holding a patterned umbrella, her gaze fixed on a small vine surrounded by flowers that twined around a copper lever.

She tenderly caressed the image until her fingers met the cold metal. Gently, she activated the lever, coaxing a thin stream of warm water, reminiscent of a whisper, from the worn pipe.

Reaching for the adjacent, amber-coloured vessel, she brought her hand closer and pressed. She felt the transparent soap nut rest gently in her palm. With a soft touch, she closed her eyes and felt her mind wander, accompanied by the scents of cedar, rosemary, and lavender.

Carefully rinsing the foam from her hands, she elongated the moment, paying meticulous attention to every detail. Just before leaving, her gaze fell upon another container.

Curiosity piqued, she pressed the button, spreading a tiny pearl of vanilla cream across her hands. The texture brought comfort, and as she ascended the stairs once more to return to the table where her companion awaited, a citrusy aroma enveloped her, etching itself into her memory. It anchored itself in that special place where the fleeting moments of life endure.

She approached the table gracefully, extending her hand with an air of nonchalance. The sublime essence emanating from her hand, combined with the silky texture of her skin, ignited a desire within him—a desire to know more, to follow that almost imperceptible thread that, sometimes, reveals itself and can lead you to the places you've dreamed of. He looked at her and understood that something had changed, something that arrived like the important things in life, meant to stay.